Eden Casteel

Rhode Island Based Voice and Piano Teacher

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Voice Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Piano Lessons, Performance Coaching, and Musical Production

From our first lesson, Eden put me completely at ease, with her gentle manner and easy laugh. It was not long before I felt totally relaxed, as she accentuated my strong points and helped me improve on my weaknesses. At her suggestion I began to frequent karaoke venues, which helped immensely. She even gave me some examples in her own life when she, herself, felt insecure about her singing. After that, I didn’t feel so isolated and before long, I actually began to enjoy singing for the first time in years.
— Student, age 57
OMG! Words just can’t describe how amazing and how much fun it was performing again after a 29-year break. Through this experience I have rediscovered a path which I once followed and lost. I’m back to my love of music and performing. Thank you so much Eden Casteel for helping me to start my journey once again.
— Student, Age 47
I had hoped that lessons would be fun, but also instructive. AND THEY WERE! And yet somehow, the lessons are more relaxed than what I was used to in the past. I always leave each lesson feeling so upbeat and happy!
— Student, age 26

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As a teacher and trainer, I wish I could bottle what Eden did in my very first lesson. Eden has a gift for meeting you where you are as a singer, using the music that interests you, and immediately having you sing, and, most importantly, begin to strengthen and improve your singing. I really appreciate the depth and breadth of Eden’s expertise and how much I can learn from her and improve my own singing. I love understanding my voice and how to be at my best when I sing.
— Student, age 50
Eden Casteel has been the perfect mentor in both voice and piano. Whether they are working through a difficult piano piece, a challenging vocal arrangement or need assistance with audition prep, Eden, with her expertise and positive coaching – along with her personality and sense of humor – motivates and encourages our kids to do their very best, and to have a lot of fun in the process!
— Parent of students ages 11 and 14
I could not recommend a more talented professional trainer. I’ve been around a lot of folks in this business, and Eden really stands out. Eden can do training over Skype so distance is no excuse. She’s the real thing!
— Student, age 63
I will be making another appointment soon. My husband, a music teacher, noticed a HUGE improvement in my singing after only one lesson!”
— Student age 48
My son really enjoyed the Skype lesson and found it super helpful. I loved that I didn’t have to drive him anywhere. I will definitely sign him up for some more!
— Parent of student age 13
I walk out of each lesson feeling better than when I went in, like I grew a bit more as a singer-actor. Because of Eden’s greatly inspired coaching and teaching, I leave each lesson feeling well accomplished.
— Student with Vocal Performance Degree, age 26

Voice Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Piano Lessons, Performance Coaching, and Musical Production.

Eden Casteel Music Studio, 81 Post Road, Wakefield RI 02879. Phone: 401-932-5589.