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Eden Casteel music studio.

Voice Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Piano Lessons, Performance Coaching, and Musical Production

I had hoped that lessons would be fun, but also instructive. AND THEY WERE! And yet somehow, the lessons are more relaxed than what I was used to in the past. I always leave each lesson feeling so upbeat and happy!
— Student, age 26
I could not recommend a more talented professional trainer. I’ve been around a lot of folks in this business, and Eden really stands out. Eden can do training over Skype so distance is no excuse. She’s the real thing!
— Student, age 63
As a teacher and trainer, I wish I could bottle what Eden did in my very first lesson. Eden has a gift for meeting you where you are as a singer, using the music that interests you, and immediately having you sing, and, most importantly, begin to strengthen and improve your singing. I really appreciate the depth and breadth of Eden’s expertise and how much I can learn from her and improve my own singing. I love understanding my voice and how to be at my best when I sing.
— Student, age 50
Eden Casteel has been the perfect mentor in both voice and piano. Whether they are working through a difficult piano piece, a challenging vocal arrangement or need assistance with audition prep, Eden, with her expertise and positive coaching – along with her personality and sense of humor – motivates and encourages our kids to do their very best, and to have a lot of fun in the process!
— Parent of students ages 11 and 14
My son really enjoyed the Skype lesson and found it super helpful. I loved that I didn’t have to drive him anywhere. I will definitely sign him up for some more!
— Parent of student age 13
I walk out of each lesson feeling better than when I went in, like I grew a bit more as a singer-actor. Because of Eden’s greatly inspired coaching and teaching, I leave each lesson feeling well accomplished.
— Student with Vocal Performance Degree, age 26


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Voice Lessons, Vocal Coaching, Piano Lessons, Performance Coaching, and Musical Production.

Eden Casteel Music Studio, 81 Post Road, Wakefield RI 02879. Phone: 401-932-5589.